The Difference Between Business Success and Failure

board-1097118_1280When we started Our Crafty Things, we noticed that there was a massive difference between home-based craft businesses that were making money and sales and those that were struggling. It wasn’t necessarily the quality of their crafts/products but their approach to running their business.  Continue reading

Turn your handmade hobby into ££s!


Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

If you have a hobby, you are passionate about we expect you’ve thought about trying to turn it into a business.

Some of you may have already started, some of you are wondering whether you should take the plunge, some of you are just wondering if you could make some money on the side? Of course, you can! Continue reading

Fancy a ‪‎free‬ ‪feature‬ post?


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We are giving away 5 free ‘feature posts’ on a first come first served basis to those that contact us here with the words ‘Yes please feature us for free’.

You provide the photo/s and the information (or web link) and we will create a lovely feature post promoting you and your products, and we will share it across our social media (that’s 11,000+ Twitter followers and 699 Facebook followers). 



NEW: business support from Our Crafty Things


Our Crafty Things was established in 2013 over a cup of coffee and a wedge of cake with the aim of helping independent makers and home craft businesses like you reach a bigger audience.

Our original plan was to use our site and social media experience to help small businesses like yours shout BIG and help customers find you! We quickly grew our following to over 11.4k on Twitter and nearly 700 on Facebook but realised something was missing.  Continue reading

Get seen online!

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Guest Post by Shoplo – We help small brands grow

The crafting world is a busy one. Lots of people selling lots of incredible things. Most of the time, standing out and just being seen is the hardest part, let alone getting a sale. Perhaps your computer skills aren’t as fresh as they used to be. Maybe you’ve never been overly confident with your ability behind a PC in the first place. Fear not!  We’ve put together this simple checklist that can help your handmade products get seen, regardless of your computer skills. Continue reading