Need to ‘knock up’ a Halloween costume?

20171030_192119.jpgWe’ve been there – two nights before the big night and the small child decides they want to be anything other than the easy fancy dress costume that’s ready to go! They want to be a bat / zombie princess / pumpkinhead or in our case (last year) a Minecraft creeper. 

Thankfully we found this fantastic guide, and using an old tracksuit top and trousers, green felt, fabric glue, a cardboard box and the printable Minecraft creeper face we had ourselves a pretty awesome creeper costume within 2 hours!!



If you’re looking for some other awesome Halloween fancy dress ideas then check these out:

Animals (cute! for the littlies)

Group fancy dress

DIY halloween costumes for kids

Minecraft Steve, Super Mario, DIY spider legs, and a toy soldier – what more do you need?


So simple they’re funny….

More Minecraft


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