NEW: business support from Our Crafty Things


Our Crafty Things was established in 2013 over a cup of coffee and a wedge of cake with the aim of helping independent makers and home craft businesses like you reach a bigger audience.

Our original plan was to use our site and social media experience to help small businesses like yours shout BIG and help customers find you! We quickly grew our following to over 11.4k on Twitter and nearly 700 on Facebook but realised something was missing. 

We noticed a massive difference between home-based craft businesses that were making money and sales and those that were struggling. So we decided to see how we could help – and using our combined 40-years of marketing experience and the experience of our successful Crafty Community we came up with a plan!

Our Crafty Things shopWe decided to take our knowledge and the knowledge of our prosperous craft business contacts and put it in one place in the form of downloadable e-book modules! We’ve created 17 modules covering three areas – Creative, Commercial and Consumer

From marketing and branding to goal setting, evaluating the different online craft platforms to pricing and setting up your business – we’ve tried to cover the key areas that will help your craft business succeed.

The modules are available at £5.99 each, £15.99 for 4 or £24.99 for the whole set.

We’ve also included Module 17 as a FREE bonus to help you with your craft or home-based business. The module consists of a Social Media Content Planner, Social Media Cheat Sheet (outlining the different sizes for graphics for all the key social media channels), My Weekly Business Planner, Your 1-Page Business Model Canvas, your 1-Page Value Proposition Canvas, a Printer’s Specification Outline and Template and a Creative Brief Outline and Template.

We want you to take your craft / home-based business to the next level, and our e-book modules provide you with the perfect place to start!

Visit and take the first step to turn your craft passion into a successful business!

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