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Guest Post by Shoplo – We help small brands grow

The crafting world is a busy one. Lots of people selling lots of incredible things. Most of the time, standing out and just being seen is the hardest part, let alone getting a sale. Perhaps your computer skills aren’t as fresh as they used to be. Maybe you’ve never been overly confident with your ability behind a PC in the first place. Fear not!  We’ve put together this simple checklist that can help your handmade products get seen, regardless of your computer skills.

Knowing your target audience 

Before you so much as log in to your Etsy account, ask yourself a few questions:

– What kind of people do my products most appeal to?
– Why do my products appeal to these people?
– Where do these people spend their time when they’re online?
– What makes my product different to the other ones out there?

Look at your current customers and why they’ve bought from you. Look at your competition, how are they presenting their product? What claims are they making?

Take your best selling product and list its features. Then list the benefits of those features.

For example, a seller selling kids clothes uses durable materials. The benefit is long lasting clothes. Durable clothing is more desirable because parents don’t have to replace worn-out clothing as often. So ultimately, the benefit of durable clothing is money saved.

Having done this process, make a list of people who have a need that your benefit fulfils. For example, a seller of kids clothes would target parents of kids who are starting to walk and explore, or older kids who are starting to play outside and get dirty.

Your own website
Creating your own website is no harder than uploading holiday pictures or opening your Etsy store. Shoplo are a team that are focused on helping small, boutique sellers create a website. No computer skills are necessary. If you have your products ready to sell, you’re ready to start a website.


Your own website is different from a marketplace like Etsy or eBay for a few reasons. Yes, it’s a little more complicated and you don’t have the instant traffic, but the major benefit is that you control the customer experience from the very start. Your web store is home to your brand, your logo, your colours and that is an experience that adds value to your brand.

Not only is a website easier than you think, it’s much much cheaper than you think. In fact, if you sell more than 10 items worth about $5 USD a month, it’s cheaper to sell online from your own site that it is on Etsy.


Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a goldmine of potential customer – but chances are that all the Facebook groups that you’re currently in are focused on promoting handmade products to other handmade sellers.

If 20 used car salesmen are in a room, all of them with intentions to sell a car, who is going to buy?

The same applies with a lot of Facebook promotional groups. Most people in these Facebook groups are just like you.

In the case of the previous example (someone selling kids clothing), find Facebook groups that are focused on kids. Kids in the terrible twos, help for new mums and dads, helping kids walk for the first time.

new parents

Get creative – don’t think about yourself or your product, think about your customer and the problems they’re having and how you can solve them.

People are visual creatures. We don’t remember names or data too well, but we remember colours, shapes and patterns extremely well. So what colours, shapes and patterns are associated with your brand?

If the only colours on your page are the colours of the marketplace itself (in the case of Etsy, it’s orange), well then you need to do some branding work!


But you’re in luck – this process is incredibly fun! Use a tool like to find a colour palette that you really like and suits your brand.

To go further and create a logo, textures and patterns with your colour palette, check out

Some of these suggestions are not free. They require an investment of time and/or money. But small expenses like the ones we are talking about here, will not burn a hole in your pocket.

These are the little things that set you apart from the masses.

These are the things that will make people say ‘I bought that from SpecialDesign Jewellery’ instead of ‘I got it on Etsy.’

**This is a guest post by Shoplo**


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